Always Golfing was conceived in August 2012 by Ben Jones, Nick Waldron and Adam Hill with the motto ‘more golf. more often.’ Always Golfing has created this website with the primary function of providing casual golfers with the opportunity to access two for the price of one golf vouchers for use at participating clubs nationwide.

Nick Waldron

Nick Waldron

Marketing magician

Nick is an ideas man and we also put him in charge in marketing. He has over 8 years experience in online and direct marketing initiatives and he is an expert in social media engagement.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones B.Bus

Business boffin

Ben is our business and strategy guru. Ben has significant experience in making ideas become reality in the world of business development. His experience in business development with one of Tasmania’s top firms is a very welcomed addition to the Always Golfing team.

Adam Hill

Adam Hill M.Comp

Web wizard

Adam is our Technical Co-Founder; a full-stack web developer, Ruby on Rails rockstar and cloud computing connoisseur. Adam helps deliver online startups like Always Golfing kicking and screaming into the world wide web.